the wakeful dreamer (jade_sage) wrote in jade_boxoflight,
the wakeful dreamer

more random whatsits

More gigundous photos!

..yeah, that's me and Kyle. We were waiting for workshop to start.

Le ha ha ha.

This is the little walkway you use to get to Monroe. Right now there's a little moat, aka the "MoMo."

Yep. Shoes.

Casey, pretending to die. She sits at the desk behind me, and she's my hallmate!

Casey and I took this from the Fifth Year's lounge. You can't see the whole studio, but you get the general idea. The fifth year studio smelt of rubber glue.

Mirelle, reading over the project description. Yeah, this one's weird too.

Luke and chipboard. A dangerous combination.

Kyle KNOWS he's not innocent. Just look at his evil evil eyes.

We're designing facades. Yeah, we're all pretty confused.

View from a Fifth Year studio window to the window Casey and I share. We found that to be a little creepy.

Taken with Casey's digital camera. Man, I'm a gonna buy me one-a those.
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